Irene Espana

Irene Espana is the mum of Giuliano and Fabio. She is a 6. generation circus performer  and comes from a well renowned circus family from Mexico known as "the Flying Espanas". The Flying Espanas are known for their fascinating style and class on the flying trapeze.


The Espanas have traveled all around the world working in many shows such as: The Ringling  Brothers Circus, Circus Vargas, Disneyland, Circo Castilla Spain and Monte Carlo where they won the Silver Clown.


Beside the flying trapeze, Irene performed a Duo Aerial Trapeze act and the Aerial Cloud Swing. Irene Espana is still performing and makes the costumes for Giuliano and Fabio.

To see more about her act visit her facebook page by clicking on the picture below.


Giovanni Anastasini

The Anastasini family is an ancient Italian dynasty of traveling entertainers. The circus line began in the nineteenth century with the “Circo Anastasini” in Italy. The Anastasinis acquired a good reputation as performers all over the world. Over the years, there have been hand-balancers, jugglers, and acrobats performing under that name. Among them, Renato Anastasini was a diabolo juggler whose sons Luciano and Giovanni created a renowned Risley act in the 8th generation.



Originally from Italy Giovanni and his brother Luciano performed the “Icarian Act” for 25 years across the world.


Among other places they worked at: Ringling Brothers, Circus Vargas, Harlem Globetrotters, Circus Merano and Circus Krone. They also received the audience favorite act and performed  at many different television shows. Furthermore they performed at the White House for President Bush Sr.



Giovanni is still performing and has passed the tradition of the “Icarian Act” to his sons, Giuliano and Fabio. He is dedicated to teach, manage and help his sons wherever he can.